Meet Joanna

IMG_20160624_0706262Hi there! My name is Joanna Tucker and I am a landscape and portrait photographer in South Central Indiana.

I loved all forms of art growing up as a child- drawing, painting, sculpting, photography- but my love for photography took center stage when I was in college. I eventually upgraded my simple point & shoot camera to a Nikon DSLR and began devoting my spare time in honing my craft, capturing the beauty I find in the world, and sharing my work with others.

Over the past eleven years, I have participated in a variety of competitions in addition to operating a natural light, on-location photography business with a focus on family portraiture and landscapes. Some awards, features, and displays I have been fortunate enough to receive and partake in include:


  • Indiana at 200: A Celebration of the Hoosier State, M.T. Publishing (October 2015)
  • (June 2015)
  • Hope Star Journal (January 2014; July 2014)
  • The Republic (2009)

Website Features:

  • Hope Heritage Days (2016)
  • Hoosier Debate (2016)
  • Southern Willow Photography (2014)
  • Light Inspired (2014)

Competitions & Awards:

  • Indiana State Fair (2014– 3rd Place)
  • Bartholomew County Fair (2018– Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, 4x Champion; 2016– Champion; 2014– Grand Champion, 3x Champion, 2x Reserve Champion)
  • Johnson County Fair (2013– Grand Champion, Champion, & Reserve Champion; 2012– Champion)
  • Vigo County Fair (2010– Champion, 2009– 1st Place, Honorable Mention)

On a more personal note, I am a graduate of Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus and am the former Board of Directors President at our local community center. In my spare time, I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, letting my imagination run wild with a good book, rocking out to new and old tunes alike, and spending time with my police officer husband, our new baby, and the gigantic “fur” child named Gandalf the Gray.

I hope you enjoy my work and would love to hear your feedback! Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message on Facebook-


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